– We Specialize in reconditioning vintage classic bumpers –

– We carry a large stock of GMC, FORD, and Chrysler bumpers –

– You can buy out right, with a trade in, or re-chrome yours –

 – We also chrome grills, guards, moldings, pot metal and miscellaneous parts –


Serving the United States since 1995

With the majority of the big stuff straightened out, the small dents and dings are pounded out with hammers and rubber mallets. Templates for just about every model line the walls to make sure the dimentions are correct.
Any hairline cracks in the bumper are Welded up.
Every bumper after being inspected by the quality control department is waxed and wrapped with foaming on the corners & the center and double wall Cardboard. We ship via UPS, FEDEX, US MAIL.
Here the staff examines the mangled metal and decides where to apply pressure in order to straighten the bumper.
Once aligned and straightened, the bumpers and guards are sent to a station where welds and any small dings and imperfections are ground smooth.
Polishing the bumper to make it smooth of any grind marks left in the metal. After polishing we apply a triple plating: copper, nickel and chrome.

Before - After

Before - After